In a strangely delayed move, Lil B released a diss song today called "I'm The Bada$$", which was aimed at Brooklynite, Pro Era rapper Joey Bada$$. The diss is thought to be a late response to deceased Pro Era rapper Capital STEEZ, after he dissed Lil B on the Joey Bada$$ track "Survival Tactics".

Lil B called "I'm The Bada$$" a warning shot. Despite Basedgod's warnings, Joey took the diss lightly on twitter.

"I'm about to blaze to this shit, can't believe the basedgod dedicated his appreciation for me on a song! So amped," tweeted Joey.

The BK rapper also joked about the prospect of sending shots back.

"If I was to diss this n*gga im getting DMX on the hook, Game on the ad-libs, joe budden verse 2 and the n*gga who knocked him out to record it," joked the young rapper.

Joe Budden even responded to Joey, possibly to seek revenge on Lil B for that "T-Shirt & Buddens" diss track he did.

"In the event u don't diss him, we should do a joint anyway. Lol," tweeted Budden.

Check out some more celebrity reactions to the beef above.

UPDATE: Joey Bada$$ drops Lil B diss titled "Don't Quit Your Day Job".