Chris Brown is adamantly denying that he started or was involved at all in the fight with Frank Ocean and his crew this past Sunday night, January 27th.  TMZ has spoken to law enforcement and they've reported that Chris' lawyer, Mark Geragos, has already been speaking with detectives and informed them that Chris is eager to share his side of the story, for he knows he did nothing wrong.  Various sources claim that Geragos has surveillance footage of the final part of the fight which spilled into the lobby of the Westlake Studio in LA, and Chris never throws a single punch.

The video also clears Frank Ocean of any wrongdoing as well, so it was only their crews who were really involved in the melee, apparently.  One issue here is that the video doesn't show how the fight began in the parking lot and one witness claims that Chris was the one who threw the first punch.  Chris ultimately fled the scene before police arrived because he's been advised by his lawyer Geragos to leave immediately if any troublesome situation is occurring.