Dizaster battled Arcane at the KOTD Blackout 3 event this past Saturday, January 26th, and things turned pretty ugly after Diz dropped some bars exposing Arcane for purchasing his rhymes.  Dizaster has loads of love in Canada, he was the King Of The Dot champion and he's battled in Canada on numerous occasions and has received loads of love from the fans in attendance at his past battles.  

However, this time around the crowd gave him a hard time and became pretty biased, rooting for the "home team" spitter Arcane, after Dizaster exposed him for buying his bars.  The crowd became unruly and booed Dizaster and made it hard for him to get his word off.  He ultimately was stripped of his KOTD Champion's chain in the end, in what must be regarded as one of the uglier moments to occur in KOTD history (aside from the Canibus slaying).  

Dizaster took to his Twitter account to speak his mind on how the crowd didn't show him the proper respect he felt he deserved, but also that he should've kept his composure better when things got hectic.  He also continued to expose Arcane as a "Fraud" by posting screen cap images of a Facebook conversation that occurred between Arcane and fellow West Coast battle rapper Caustic.  In the conversation Arcane was basically thanking Caustic for assisting him with bars during Arcane's battle vs Chedda.  Diz also went a step further providing a screen captured image of Arcane making a financial transaction to Caustic's PayPal account, as further evidence that he steals his bars.

Dizaster claims to have gotten the pictures of Caustis'c Facebook and PayPal while Caustic was passed out with his laptop on after his own recent battle with John John Da Don.  So Dizaster has never once accused Caustic of two-timing Arcane and just straight up handing over evidence against him.  

Dizaster has refused to call Arcane anything other than "Fraud" after they faced off in the ring.  How do you feel about Arcane being exposed for buying bars for his battles?  Do you think he deserves to hold the KOTD champion's chain after this evidence has come to light?  

Last thing to think about, how many other battle rappers, if any, do you think buy bars or have ghost writers?