Yesterday afternoon, we posted our "Top 25 Hottest Producers Right Now" list. Atlanta producer and frequent Gucci Mane collaborator Zaytoven was not featured in the rankings, and took to Twitter to voice his concern with being left off the list.

Zaytoven tweeted, "#Alert ASK @vladtv how they do a #TOP25PRODUCERS and NOT have @zaytovenbeatz on there? All my PPL how y'all feel about that? Tell @vladtv."

Since Zay thought he should have been included, he asked us to check his wikipedia and made sure to say he wasn't just trying to flex. DJ Vlad responded, "I don't take it as flexing at all. But if you feel that we made a mistake then you should state who shouldn't be on our list."

Though Zay never really answered that question, we invited him to make his own Top 25 Hottest Producers list. It would be interesting to see the rankings from an Atlanta perspective.

You can check the conversation between Zaytoven and DJ Vlad above.