Brandon Santana, a suspect in a 2010 brawl that wound up being a murder, escaped from a police station in Brooklyn on Thursday. Detectives had Santana in custody to question him about the death of 22-year-old Alexander Santiago, who was bludgeoned to death with a lead pipe in Park Slope, Brooklyn.

Santana escaped from the holding cell by requesting a trip to the bathroom. When the officer came to escort him to the john, Santana allegedly pushed down the officer and fled past two more. Santana wasn't discovered until the next day at a friend's house in the Bronx. He spent about 37 hours in NYC as a fugitive.

Santana was originally arrested after he made a return trip to the city from Iowa, where he had been laying low with a relative. Alexander Santiago's girlfriend told the New York Post, "I hope the cops keep him tight, and don't let him get away. No bathroom breaks this time."

Source: DailyMail