Though some of it may be a product of bad decision making, Katt Williams has suffered quite a bit of bad luck in the past few months. Finally though, Kat Williams has caught a break. Remember when cops busted into his ebbed on suspicions of felony child endangerment, and found guns as well as marijuana in the home?

Well, Katt won't have to face any charges for the incident, partially because of Katt's clever handling of the situation. Williams argued that his kids could not get to his guns because they were locked up. He also made the point that connecting him to the marijuana in the house is ludicrous, considering how many people are residing there.

The D.A. decided to hand the case off to the L.A. City attorney who handles misdemeanors, but even they didn't think they could make any charges stick. Williams will simply be warned and that's the end of that. Until next time at least.