Josie Harris, ex-girlfriend of Floyd Mayweather and star of "Starter Wives Confidential," recently opened up about her relationship with Floyd and his relationship with 50 Cent. Josie opened up to Ms. Drama about her life and preparing Floyd for fights.

"He still calls me to build him up make sure he's mentally ready for a fight. So, I don't care how physically fit you are, when you get into that ring, if you're not mentally prepared and mentally strong and know that you're a warrior and you cannot be conquered by anybody, that's something that I was there to give. and I will always give him that. I was his best friend from the beginning. He wants to revert to Dade Counties (his new fiancee), I'll still be here to hold him down as a friend."

Josie also spoke on Floyd and 50 Cent's relationship and rumored "bromance."

"The speculation is just a speculation. I have experience in what Floyd feels like so I know that he is extremely straight."