The rumor mill is going into overdrive after a model and nursing student by the name of Milyn Jensen claims to have had a steamy one night stand with Justin Bieber which led to his monumental break-up with Selena Gomez. According to a new report from Star magazine, Lil Twist and Milyn reportedly picked up Justin from the Four Seasons in Beverly Hills on Dec. 21 and grabbed a bite to eat.

The trio then went back to Justin's place, where the pop superstar "acted like he was single," and began to persue 22-year-old Milyn. The gang then decided to go back to Justin's room at the Four Seasons, where Justin and Milyn reportedly engaged in quite a bit of sexual activity.

Milyn was reportedly upset that things didn't go further with her and Justin, but a source told Star "[Milyn] was hurt at the time, but now she believes that he was feeling guilty about cheating on Selena."

Star adds that Justin's actions were fueled by a haze of marijuana and sizzurp, which caused him to act irrationally.

If you're wondering how this woman could tear Justin away from his longtime girlfriend Selena Gomez, check the above slide to see some of Milyn's photos and judge for yourself.