According to Radar Online, late Robert Kardashian's widow, Ellen Kardashian, gave his private journals to the highly popular magazine In Touch, and inside the journals are wild claims of abuse, infidelity, and dysfunction within the Kardashian home.  In Touch magazine published the story in one of their weekly issues, revealing various skeletons in the closet of the mother of all the Kardashian children, Kris Jenner. 

In one journal entry written on August 24th, 1989, Robert wrote about some very serious physical abuse that Kim Kardashian was subjected to at the hands of her mother.

"Kris was kicking and beating her and said she was going to kill her [Kim]!  Kim was hysterical. Kris then got on the phone and said, 'Kim if you don't get up here right now you are dead!'"

On September 27th, Robert claimed that Kris went out to have an affair and never even tried to contact her children to see if they were alright.

"The whole time she was gone she NEVER asked to talk with her kids!"

In a later entry on December 15th, 1989, Robert detailed the steamy affair Kris Jenner had with the then 24-year-old former athlete Todd Waterman.  He painted a gritty picture of Kris going off recklessly on various illicit meetings with Waterman for days at a time, leaving the children who were all under 11 years old and Robert on their own without checking on them at all.

"She doesn't leave a number in case of emergency. She doesn't care!  She left [the] kids and screwed all night!"  

In a journal entry that was written 10 days later on Christmas day, Robert expressed his frustration and hurt at Kris Jenner's actions, claiming that she left him alone to be with the children on Christmas.

"Kris couldn't get her act together.  I was home alone with 4 kids."

Robert and Kris eventually divorced in 1991 after being married for 12-years, and Kris married her current husband Bruce Jenner later that year.

Ellen Kardashian confirmed that the journals which she handed over to In Touch are completely legit and given to her directly by Robert Kardashian prior to his passing.

"These are authentic handwritten journals I have shared, that my late husband Robert Kardashian so carefully wrote during 1989 and 1990 at a most trying and touching time of his life. They are my personal possessions and he left them to me on his passing."

When asked about the startling allegations, a representative for the Kardashians responded to Radar Online by stating:

"We have no knowledge of these diaries existing and these accusations are ridiculous and not true."