Future has been dodging rumors of dating Ciara for over a month, but it seems that he's softening up to the idea, as he praised the beautiful singer in a recent interview.

Future told J1, "She's a beautiful woman, amazing, incredible, everything that comes with those words, that's what she represents. I can tell you, all the negativity that comes with me and her is not true. Our personal lives is our personal lives. Sometimes people present it like it's true and they think they have facts, but at the end of the day, we know what's true and we know what's not true and anything negative from that situation, we [are] not even representing that. What you see is what you get."

He also added that they have "chemistry" and love working in the studio together.

"We are at a time where, I am on Epic, she's on Epic, I love music, she loves music. And we love being in the studio with each other. We love being around each other and that's just what it is. The chemistry is there. It's amazing. She makes me happy, I make her smile."

Source: HipHopBlog

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