Game has been a part of Dr. Dre's Aftermath crew since he first started out, so fans should take into account what he recently revealed about Dr. Dre's long awaited "Detox" album. Game recently sat down with Vibe, where he compared the elusive album to Jesus.

"Detox, it's like Jesus," says Game. "Will you ever get to see Jesus? It's like a hip-hop Jesus."

Game added, "Dre's a hard guy to please. If he doesn't become 100 percent happy, then we'll probably never end up hearing Detox. I'll say never."

in 2011 Dre gave hope to fans by releasing two tracks, "Kush" and "I Need a Doctor," but soon after the buzz hit its peak, people wrote off the possibility of the album's release again. However, many think that Dre could just leave the album up to a surprise.