Pusha T may wish he could've been nominated for a Grammy for his solo work, but the two nominations he's received for G.O.O.D. Music's "Mercy" are certainly nice consolations. "Mercy" was nominated for "Best Rap Performance" and "Best Rap Song," meaning Pusha has a decent shot at winning a Grammy this year.

Regardless, Pusha is thankful that the board is now acknowledging "good hip hop."

"Looking at the nominees, I really like the music," said Pusha. "I remember when I was young the Grammy rappers would be like Young MC. He would be a nominee and I would be at home wishing Rakim would be nominated. Now it's Hov, Ye, Lupe, 2 Chainz...It's people who really make good music and music that I hear in my settings."

"The board can't deny good hip hop anymore," Pusha T went on. "A lot of good rap used to be overshadowed by sales and the commerciality of it. Now a good percentage of the rap nominations are good."

Do you think Pusha will bring Grammy-worthy music on his upcoming solo debut, "My Name Is My Name"?

Source: vibe.com