Legendary Queens rapper MC Shan may be most well known for his involvement in "The Bridge Wars" with KRS-One and Boogie Down Productions, but many have forgotten about his beef with fellow rap legend LL Cool J.

In a recent interview with Complex, Shan explained the beef between him and LL. Shan released a diss track called "Beat Biter" after LL allegedly stole Marley Marl's beat pattern from Shan's song "Marley Scratch." At one show, Shan even snapped an LL Cool J record in half to disrespect him.

Shan explained, "He never responded. There's a DVD out called "Beef" and they tell the story of all the LL battles that he ever had, and they briefly show me but they never mentioned me. It's like they just tried to look over the fact that Shan went at LL. As far as me and LL having shows together, we used to tour together, that's how he got my 'Marley Scratch' beat. We had one show where we were supposed to battle—it was in Syracuse—and I did that 'Beat Biter.' Marley was cutting the record up, back and forth. I went over to the turntable and I snatched LL's record off and I snapped the record! I still had the microphone in my hand, and when I snapped the record the sound resonated through the speakers, the crowd went crazy and LL never got on stage that night! They tried to turn his limo over, just for that. True story."

Source: theurbandaily.com