For those who don't know, Lindsay Lohan was contractually obligated to take part in a four-person sex scene in the upcoming Bret Easton Ellis film, "The Canyons." Her co-star, legendary porn actor James Deen, also took part in the scene.

Deen sat down with the Huffington Post for a brief interview while at the Adult Entertainment Expo at the Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas and spoke about the scene.

"We didn't have sex," Deen told HuffPost. "Yes, it's a four-way. Sure, you see boobs and a*s. ... It's a plot-driver, and it was shot in a way where you're not thinking it's just four people having sex."

Deen also talked working with Lindsay, who has the reputation of being difficult on set.

"I thought she was great to work with, I never had any issues with Lindsay," Deen said. "But I don't have to deal with the Hollywood bullsh-t aspect of the film ... I enjoyed her on a personal level."

Could Deen ever see himself dating Lohan?

"Let's say, hypothetically we wanted to date after filming -- which was not the case -- she, as a person, was great," Deen said. "But we don't like to do the same things. My idea of a good Friday night is sitting on the couch with my buddies. Lindsay can't even go to Starbucks. She's so famous that she literally cannot just go out. She has to be snuck in through a secret passage so the paparazzi don't get to her ... That would stop us from being a successful couple, nothing else."

"The Canyons" will release at some point this year.