Given the fact that Waka Flocka came into the rap game with a similar amount of scrutiny and criticism from the masses, he can understand to a certain degree what young 17-year-old rapper Chief Keef is going through at this time.  Keef was just locked up in a Chicago juvenile corrections facility for past gun charges, and will have to spend the next two months behind bars contemplating his way of life.  Flocka spoke to MTV about young Keef's situation and stated that he feels like it's a shame that no older influences in Keef's life will step forward to help guide him more.

"People like me, I could just show him the bigger picture like, 'You ain't gotta hold no gun in no interview. It's bigger than that, you're already there. Get your people out.  That goes to show people don't care about the situation, they just gonna laugh at the lifestyle.  That Chief Keef situation; that just showed me how people can just disrespect you and accept you at the same time. That's a kid at the end of the day. I feel like that's me when I first started rapping, people judged me. It's just that they judge you because they don't understand you. Instead of judging the kid and just bashing him down, why not reach an arm out and help him?"