Fellow Philly native Young Chris is very displeased with the beef between Meek Mill and Cassidy. Chris told Movie Star Management that he would like to see the two break bread instead of fighting, since both rappers are his friend. He added that the beef is neither good for hip hop, nor Philly as a city.

"They're both friends of mine, of course I don't agree with it," Chris said in the interview. "The battling thing is cool for hip hop but when it gets serious, it's a bad look, for us. For hip-hop, for Philadelphia, [it's a bad look]. They're both friends of mine. I just hope it stops. That's all I can say. Y'all did what y'all did. Meek dropped one [diss record], Cass dropped one [diss record], people are gonna be people. They're gonna talk. That's what we gotta learn, not to let people get [into our heads]."

Source: hiphopblog.com