Brooklyn's rising star Joey Bada$$ has brought new hope to hip hop heads who missed the '90s style of hip hop that Joey brings to the mic. His talents have reportedly garnered the attention of Jay-Z, as the latest rumor was of Joey's signing to Roc Nation. However, the 18-year-old rapper is not altogether thrilled with the new rumor, and has vehemently denied the suggestion.

"They actually announced it on the radio that I signed with them--that was dumb as f***," Joey told The Source. "Won't sign to no major, for no wager, less than a 3 million offer off the top, I be in a box when my coffin drops, why settle for an office spot? That type of thing, you know. Not really, major labels is just not where my head is at right now, you know? [Independent?] Yeah, that's more of where my head is at, cause that's what I'm tryna do, I'm tryna go more independent."

Is Joey Bada$$ worth $3 million? His lyrical gifts are undoubtable, but is he commercially accessible?