50 Cent is on a roll with his legal team, as he won his second lawsuit just one day after coming out victorious in a copyright case for "Before I Self Destruct." 50 recently filed a lawsuit against Sleek Audio, seeking repayment of $261,000 owed by Sleek Audio, according to court records.

Sleek Audio filed a counterclaim, claiming that the rapper and mogul cut them out of the business and focused on a new line of headphones. In early 2011 50 teamed up with Sleek Audio and G-Unit LLC to market the "Sleek by 50" headphones, but by May 2011 they had parted ways.

50 contends that Sleek signed a promissory note for $285,000 which was to be repaid with interest on or before July 31, 2011 or was due when the company earned more than $750,000 through private offerings of debt or equity in the company.

The dispute was then directed to arbitration, where 50 received an award, and he's now asking the court to confirm the award.

Source: allhiphop.com