It looks like 18-year-old prankster Charles Ross went just a little too far with his latest prank which he hoped to post on YouTube.  He came up with the idea to film this "Wedgie Prank" outside of a Bradenton, Florida movie theater, but those whom he performed the pranks on were not at all amused with his sense of humor.  Rather than laughing the wedgies off as a mere joke, his many "victims" were completely embarrassed, especially since they had a camera in their face while he yanked on the back of their pants.  

One 20-year-old male reported Ross to the police and stated that he walked up behind him, grabbed him "by the back of his pants and pulled them up hard."  According to the Bradenton Herald, one victim complained that he yanked on his pants and then egged him on by asking if he wanted to hit him.  The police incident report stated that other victims "were too embarrassed to pursue charges."

After being arrested, Ross spent a brief amount of time in jail before posting a $750 bail.  He has a scheduled court date to appear in front of a judge in February, as he is facing a misdemeanor charge.

He has loads of prank and athletic videos on his YouTube channel, from him kissing random people to doing acrobatic flips off of cars and other objects. You can check out his videos here.