Philly rapper Meek Mill claims that cops in his hometown locked him up without cause back in October 2012, and then posted his pics on Instagram.

Mill is now suing the City of Philadelphia and officers Andre Boyer and Michael Vargas in Federal Court. The suit is claiming civil rights violations, false imprisonment, invasion of privacy and civil conspiracy, and Meek Mill is seeking punitive damages.

Meek states in his complaint that on October 31, 2012 he was pulled over around 7:30 p.m. by the officers named in the case "without cause or justification." He was then handcuffed and taken into custody. Meek claims that during the nine hours he was held, the officers took photos of him and posted them on Instagram and other social media sites. Meek was released early the next morning with no crime being charged.

The rapper says that the false imprisonment caused him to miss a promotional appearance in Atlanta. Being locked up meant, "the loss of numerous sponsorships and endorsements; the loss of plaintiff's solitude, seclusion and privacy; the anxiety and embarrassment associated with plaintiff being placed in a false light; and the anxiety and embarrassment of being seized, detained, confined and imprisoned against plaintiff's will."