Despite the fact that Chief Keef got locked up on Tuesday, January 15th, for violating his parole by filming himself in a gun range firing off various weapons, his Twitter account blew up with a series of seemingly random tweets the next day, Wednesday, January 16th.  His tweets have lead some to believe that he has already been released from jail.  Th only thing is that some of his tweets give off the impression that his Twitter account was hacked.

According to The Source, Keef sent out a tweet taking shots at Soulja Boy when he posted, "Souljaboy is a d*ck stealin every1 flow."  He then followed that tweet up by saying "Shout out to @hopsin hes got that real music," "I should stop rappinabout violence its a disgrace," and "For now on im rappin about good sh*t."  According to, the tweets stopped around 5:20pm.  All of the tweets have since been deleted except for the shoutout to Hopsin.

We'll have to wait and see if Keef sends out an official statement to clarify if his Twitter was hacked or not.