Clipse rapper "No Malice," who added the no to the beginning of his name during his newfound religious enlightenment, recently sat down with to discuss his new single, "Smokin Mirrors." According to Malice, he's always been very religious, but now he's actually acting on it.

"You can go back to my earliest work and I made reference to my faith, but the only thing was I would come crazy out of my mouth with the line that came right after it," explained No Malice. "I have a love and passion for Jesus and when I read my Bible everything just rings true to my heart so I have to share it."

No Malice has even been in touch with Ma$e, who famously changed his name to Pastor Mase following his Christian awakening.

"Yes Ma$e and I do talk. Ma$e and I have been talking for a few years. We kind of lost touch and recently got back into touch. I never question anybody's faith and we have good conversation and he give me advice I guess you can say. We fellowship back and forth and talk," No Malice said.

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