In what has to be one of the worst examples in history of being aware of your surroundings, a Belgian woman drove more than 900 miles in the wrong direction.

67-year-old Sabine Moreau left her home to pick up a friend on Jan. 5 in Brussels, less than 90 miles from her house. However, a GPS error led her more than 900 miles away -- in Croatia.

The journey took her across five international borders, and Moreau didn't realize she had made a wrong turn until she arrived two days later in Zagreb, the capital of Croatia.

"I was distracted, so I kept going," Moreau admitted to El Mundo's Brussels correspondent. "I saw all kinds of signs, first in French, then in German and finally in Croatian, but I continued driving because I was distracted."

Moreau's son had reported her missing to the police, who were able to track her down following her bank statements.

"When I passed Zagreb," she told La Nouvelle Gazette, "I told myself I should turn around."

Moreau said she stopped several times on the trip to top off her gas tank and take short naps.