A Swedish man has designed a coffin with built-in surround-sound speakers linked to a music playlist that can be updated by the living.

Fredrik Hjelmquist said his coffin design would entertain the dead and provide solace to grieving family and friends by giving them the ability to alter the deceased's playlist online.

"We don't know, right? But then people believe in different ways in different parts of the world," Hjelmquist told Reuters television when asked whether potential buyers of the coffin would have to believe in life after death.

"In Sweden perhaps we don't believe in it, but in many parts of the world people believe in a different way," he said.

He plans on being buried in such a coffin, and said that he would choose opera for his eternal rest. Although he has yet to sell any coffins, there have been several inquiries.

"We've had an unbelievable amount of inquiries, not so much in Sweden, but many from the United States and Canada, also from Taiwan," he said.

"Ozzy Osbourne should buy one I think or Keith Richards. Somebody ought to do it because this is really rock n' roll I think...but at the same time beautiful," he said.

The coffin isn't cheap -- as of now it sells for 199,000 Swedish crowns, or $30,700.

Source: huffingtonpost.com