TMZ caught up with former MADtv star and comedian Aries Spears on the street recently, and when asked about his feelings towards hip-hop these days, he let loose on 2 Chainz specifically.  While many have found 2 Chainz to be an incredible rapper, as his album has been nominated for a Grammy award, Aries is far from impressed by the lyrics 2 Chainz puts out for his audience and thinks he has to step his game up.

Aries stated:

"I think 2 Chainz sucks!  Have you heard those lyrics man? 'All I want for my birthday is a big booty h*e' [I] want some better rhymes 2 Chainz. He said he 'pop p*ssy like pimples.'  You ever pop a pimple?  You know what comes out?   I don't want nothing like that, that's clinic.  He said when he show up to the scene he show up with his roof missing, he's different.  N*gga's driving a convertible.  You want to be different show up in a horse and buggy."

Do you think Aries Spears is right by saying 2 Chainz's lyrics are weak?