After news broke that the Oxygen Network was considering pulling Shawty Lo's "All My Babies Mamas" show off the air due to pressure from many angered that such a show would even be considered, a petition was started to keep the show as planned.  In the petition, written by Kali Bowyer of Hilton Head Island, SC, other reality shows which promote negative behavior are contrasted against "Baby Mamas".

One of the main issues in this petition was that "All My Baby Mamas" doesn't portray the usual "ratchet" behavior usually seen on reality TV regarding Black, Hispanic, or people from some sort of ethnic background.  Instead it shows a man who is being responsible for his past behavior which lead to him having 11 children with 10 different women, by not only providing money, food, and warm homes to live in, but also with genuine love for each child he has.  The petition cites shows like "Bad Girls Club," "Sister Wives," and "Jersey Shore," which air on different networks and all promote some sort of "violence, polygamy, alcoholism and unhealthy sexual behavior" of some sort.  

Therefore, the petition states that it isn't fair to pull the "race card" and pull the plug on this show before it even airs, for all of those other shows portray negativity, and this is actually going to teach young men that regardless of what choices you make in life, always take care of your responsibilities to the fullest.