Last week Vanessa Bryant announced that she was calling off her divorce to Kobe Bryant, and his wallet is surely rejoicing, as it was reported that the Lakers star was looking at $1.36 million in support to Vanessa and his two girls.

The laws in California state that the higher-earning spouse can expect to pay the lower-earning spouse for the length of their marriage if no prenup is present. However, Kobe and Vanessa were married for 10 years, which means that a judge could've awarded spousal support to Vannessa indefinitely.

Larry Brown Sports came up with the monthly estimate of Kobe paying roughly $365,000 in monthly child support under the California Guideline, and $1 million in monthly spousal support. The Black Mamba is worth a reported $53.2 million, according to Forbes magazine.

Under California law Vanessa and Kobe would've had to split all assets, including homes, boats, cars, etc. 50/50 from the date of their marriage.