While speaking to Montreality, Machine Gun Kelly talked about the possibility of him recording a collaborative track with Eminem and how that song would play out if it ever happened.  He feels as though it would have to be similar to the song he did with DMX, darker in its essence.

"If an MGK and Eminem song ever comes out, that will be the day that everybody f**ks with me. That would be so crazy.  It'll be like a darker song. It'll be like how me and X did. I did the type of song you'd want to hear DMX do. I knew what the fans wanted to hear. They don't want to hear DMX motivating motherf**kers. They want to hear that motherf**ker speak that dark sh*t. Same with Em. I'd bring the old Eminem out that I like.

"Favorite Eminem album is The Eminem Show.  Favorite Eminem song? Probably 'Till I Collapse.' So good, dude. Why does he never perform that song? What's going on with him? Perform that. It's so good."

Source: hiphopblog.com