No official statement has yet been released from Oxygen channel representatives to confirm or deny these reports, but according to The Daily Beast, Shawty Lo's "All My Babies Mamas" reality show has been cancelled, or will be shortly.  A petition calling for Oxygen to pull the plug on the show apparently gained over 40,000 signatures in under two weeks and was started by best-selling author Sabrina Lamb.  The Oxygen channel is apparently denying that the show was cancelled, so again, there has been no concrete statement made yet to confirm anything regarding the show's status.  

The Oxygen channel released this statement when it first began to be bombarded with criticism over trying to air the show in the first place:

"It was not meant to be a stereotypical representation of everyday life for any one demographic or cross section of society."

Allison Samuels of The Daily Beast responded by saying:

"All I can assume is that the network believed its young female demographic would be amused by the sordid lives of a black man with a criminal past and the many women and children who depend on him."