Producers rarely beef with other producers, but anything can happen in the music industry. Southside, who has produced hits such as "F*** The Club Up" by Waka Flocka and "Illest Motherf***er Alive" by Kanye and Jay, is heated over a production credit which he believes should never have been given.

Southside produced the original beat to "Millions," but producer Rico Beats, who has done tracks for Soulja Boy and Nicki Minaj, was apparently asked to alter some aspects of the beat. Of course, this is where things get hairy since nobody notified Southside of this.

Southside took to Twitter to voice his anger over the co-production credit given to Rico Beats for the song, tweeting, "To Good music need to inform n*ggas if they gone have n*ggas f***in wit yo beats honestly i don't here watt dis @ricobeats guy did."

Rico promptly responded, "@sizzle808MAFIA fam like I told everyone when they talkin bout that sh*t I did redid damn drums and choir that's what they emailed me to do. They been asking me for f***ing year to redo ya drums and the choir u had I kept saying no until last week. I don't give a f*** bout no production credit on millions G i ain't chassin that I aint ask for no bread or pub. I ain't know n*ggas gave me co-pub till sh*t came out so go holler at them n*ggas fam I ain't chassin no mixture cred."

Check out the tweets above to catch the whole beef.