With 50 Cent having such a large presence on Twitter, SOHH recently reached out to Fif to find out what the social network means to him, and how he plans to use it in the future. Among other things, 50 reminded everyone that they should appreciate his frequent tweets, since many stars like Eminem aren't nearly as personal with it.

"You know what Twitter does? You see people like, they forget that you're actually well, it makes you realize maybe you shouldn't talk to them," 50 told SOHH. "Or maybe not respond to the things that they're actually saying because then they actually try to have a reason to aid you in finding yourself in a confused point. You could just take the Twitter and seldom use it. Like, when Em does it, it's something specific. He's notifying you of something. He'll send a message saying "Go here" or what's happening, it's specific things. You don't actually have to talk to him. He's just telling you what it is."

50 also pointed out that his aggressive persona causes many people to act aggressively towards him on Twitter.

"When you're an artist and have an aggressive aura to you, people are urged to be aggressive enough to say something to you," Fif explained. "And at that particular point, it's the only place that they could. They couldn't say it to you face-to-face because they'd end up in an awkward situation, like standing upside down on their head."

Source: sohh.com