The stories people will come up with to justify their actions can be really bizarre sometimes; however, its rare to find a story quite as bizarre as this.  

49-year-old Lawrence E. Adamczyk was arrested in Chicago, Illinois for masturbating in public during a school swimming contest while attempting to seek out a young boy to have sex with.  He told officers that he was originally on his way to the Brookfield Zoo to find a boy to take advantage of when he claims to have received a psychic message from Justin Bieber, while passing the Riverside Brookfield High School.  

According to the police report:

"[Lawrence] received a brainwave message from Hollywood recording artist Justin Bieber telling [him] to go to the school to see the kids."

The Riverside Police Chief, Tom Weitzel, further commented on the strange admittance stating:

"His intent was clear. Not only did he intend to enter the high school to locate a young male to victimize but if he was unsuccessful, he was prepared to walk half a block north to the Brookfield Zoo and look for an additional young boy to victimize."