Stories such as this don't happen often.  On Sunday, January 13th, in Kershaw County, South Carolina, a man by the name of Austin Lee Westfall Presler was arrested and charged with the 2nd-degree burglary of a general store.  According to reports from WLTX-TV, Preseler smashed the Cassett Country Store's front window and proceeded to snatch up beer, cigarettes, energy drinks, and various snack items.  During the burglary, Presler made the crucial mistake of opening a bag of Cheetos which ended up spilling out onto the floor, leaving a very visible trail all the way up to his front porch.  

Using the trail of Cheetos to guide them, it didn't take the Kershaw County police very long to find Presler and arrest him inside of his house where the stolen items were found.  He was taken to the Kershaw County Detention Center and eventually released on $15,000 bond.