Fans familiar with Chief Keef's probation case will know that the rapper has been accused of pulling a gun on a police officer, but the details of the case have yet to be made public. A police report recently obtained by says that officers responding to gun shots fired in the 6100 block of South Indiana "discharged their weapons" after Chief Keef flashed a gun at them.

"Officers spotted Chief Keef, whose real name is Keith Cozart, walking out the front door of his grandmother's apartment building in the 6100 block of South Michigan, holding a coat over his hands that were in front of his waistband."

The report continues, "When a police officer tried to stop and question Chief Keef, the rapper dropped the coat, flashed a blue-steel handgun and sprinted through the vacant lot next door, according to police reports. When officers gave chase, Chief Keef — who was 16 at the time — twice turned and pointed the pistol at the officers, according to the police report. The officers "discharged their weapons" but missed, according to the police account."

According to the report, Chief Keef was caught by police half-a-block down the street, where they recovered his pistol, which was loaded.

Chief Keef has yet to respond to the allegations.