Master P has people listening as he calls out "n**gas wearing dresses" and "gangstas on skateboards," on his new track "Brick to a Million," off his upcoming mixtape Al Capone. Master P starts out the track by saying "new n*ggas wearing dresses/f*ck it, I ain't scared to address it/gangster n*ggas on skateboards/I'm at the house breaking mothaf*cking headboards/Real n*ggas stand up."

Questions about the track seem to begin almost immediately upon fans hearing it for the first time. Many people are saying the jab about rappers in dresses is referring to A$AP Rocky wearing an oversized t-shirt, which a lot of people thought was a dress, on 106 & Park. Others are saying the line is directed at Kanye, who wore a leather kilt onstage at the 12-12-12 concert in NYC.

Master P's line about "gangsta n**gas on skateboards," seems to point at Lil Wayne, who has talked about leaving the rap game to persue his skateboarding dreams.

Master P has yet to divulge on the targets he's directed his song at, and neither Lil Wayne, A$AP Rocky or Kanye's camp has reached out to discuss the song.