Gay former NFL player Wade Davis recently sat down with Toure and The Daily Beast to talk about gay athletes and the prospect of a big-time, talented player coming out in the future. When Toure asked Davis about his feelings about a star player coming out, he said he was "scared."

"Imagine if this person is someone who didn't go to Stanford, who's maybe not as articulate as we like. Who's like 2 Chains. Is he going to be the face of this LGBT sports movement? No. There's not a chance in Hell."

Wade also says he's glad he didn't come out while he was still playing, because he would be scared of his actions towards other players.

"If I'd have come out while I was playing I would've said the most screwed up stuff in the world about gay youth. Because I didn't know. I didn't have the language to talk about it. I wasn't reading books, I was reading playbooks. I promise if, I'd have been out I would've said to guys, 'The fa**ot just dominated you.' Guaranteed. 100%. I know that word is horrific and gets kids bullied and killed but I guarantee if I was out I would've said that to people."

Source: Black Sports Online