Quentin Tarantino's newest film, Django Unchained, has garnered a hefty quantity of controversy for the prolific use of the N-word in the film.  He's been criticized for using the word over 100 times (approximately 160-190 times) throughout the film, as many who've seen it feel as though he went overboard with the racist portrayal.  Spike Lee even bashed Quentin's work for the use of the N-word alone.

At the Golden Globes, Quentin stirred up even more controversy by allegedly saying the N-word backstage while talking to the press about his film and the racism within it.

"I think it's kind of ridiculous, because no one can actually say with a straight face that we use the word more than it was used in 1858 in Mississippi. So since they can't say that, what they're basically [saying] is I should lie.  I should pretty it up. I should lie, and I don't lie when it comes to my characters and the stories I tell."

He allegedly said the N-word shortly after this which shocked the reporter he was addressing.  Tarantino went on to explain how he feels slavery openly exists today within America's prison system.

"Drug laws put so many black males in jails.  The way private and public prisons trade prisoners back and forth. It's like they are not even hiding it anymore."

In the end, despite all the criticism he's received, he walked away with a Golden Globe victory for Best Screenplay.

Source: rumorfix.com