According to Hollywood Street King (HSK), Coco was allegedly up to no good the night that pictures were taken of her cuddled up next to rapper AP.9.  There were various pics that hit the web of Coco posing with AP.9 inside of a nightclub, which were in essence very inappropriate considering the fact that she is married to Ice-T.  Now a new photo has come forth from that very night of Coco cuddled up with a man named Mustafa Abdi, a.k.a. Moose Diesel, inside of the same nightclub where she was photographed with AP.9.

The real problem with this new picture is that is Coco poking her butt out towards the camera while Moose grabs it with his left hand.  Apparently he posted the picture on his Twitter account and she tried to DM (direct message) him, asking him to take the picture down, but he refused and slayed her and Ice T a bit in the process.

AP.9 apparently spoke to HSK exclusively, claiming that he and Coco really did share an intimate night together despite the fact that Coco has been denying anything further went on besides them taking pictures.

"I took Coco out on a date to Haze nightclub. She brought some friends...some of the crew from Ice Loves Coco even showed up too!  We had a steamy one night stand. I hate being called a liar...cuz I'm not."

Rumors have also spread that multiple pictures of Coco and AP.9 along with a polygraph test (lie detector test) results are currently being shopped around to various media outlets.  We'll have to wait and see if there is any truth to these claims from AP.9.  Hopefully no further photographs will surface of Coco in suspect situations with other men.