Cortez did an interview with Forbez DVD after Summer Madness 2 and spoke freely on his thoughts regarding the performances that Serius Jones and E Ness put forth for the many battle rap fans who viewed their battles.  He stated that he thought both Serius Jones and E Ness should "quit battle rap," as he felt as though their performances were weak.  When we brought Serius Jones into our VladTV studios to discuss his battle and music career, he responded to Cortez's comments.

Serius claimed in the interview that Cortez approached him in the bathroom at Summer Madness 2 and tried to have a "heart-to-heart" discussion with him while Serius was trying to handle his bathroom business.  Cortez saw our interview and responded to Serius' claims on Twitter saying that Serius was spitting lies.  Serius then responded by saying that Cortez was lying for denying it.

Could a potential battle develop between these two respected rappers?  We'll have to wait to find out.  If a battle does go down, who do you think would win, Cortez or Serius Jones?

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