Rihanna is currently embroiled in a lawsuit with her former accountant, and the case just got very interesting. The accounting firm is dragging Ri Ri's mom into the drama, claiming that she would have the best idea of Rihanna's situation. Her mother helped her sign the contract with the firm, since she was a minor at the time of the deal.

However, Ri Ri was not at all fond of the firm's request to talk to her mom. She claimed the only reason they wanted to talk to her was to "inconvenience, burden, and harass" her family. Despite Rihanna's disapproval, the judge gave the accountants full permission to seek an interview with Ri Ri's mother.

Rihanna doesn't seem too shaken up by the whole ordeal, as she found time to take a seemingly topless photo last night and post it to her Instagram.

Source: globalgrind.com