Wade Davis, an openly gay former NFL player, recently sat down with Toure of The Daily Beast and revealed that there are semi-openly gay players in the sport, and also explained why he fears for a Jackie Robinson-type moment for the LGBT community.

When asked if there was protection for known gay NFL players, Davis says "Yes. Openly gay is a bit strong cuz when we think of openly gay we think of walking down the street with your boyfriend but there are players who know that this player may have a boyfriend or may not date women and that's just it. It's not talked about. He's there to do a job, I'm here to do a job, it's not talked about, he's my brother, he doesn't treat me any different than anyone else does."

Davis says that he only knows of three gay athletes total in the NFL and the NBA, one of which who's a starter, but he didn't name any names out of respect for the players.

Source: bossip.com