The Justin Bieber weed scandal has Beliebers in a frenzy, and it seems they aren't ready to accept that their teen heartthrob is growing up. But actually, in what seemed at first like a ridiculous conspiracy, Belieber's have found a Justin Bieber look-alike who may actually be the one in the picture.

18-year-old Belgian Robin Verrecas is a mirror image of Bieber, and the level of difficulty that comes with trying to tell them apart is remarkable. One Belieber in particular pointed out that the same blonde girl in every one of the photos in question looks remarkably like Verrecas' girlfriend shown on his social media accounts.

Verrecas responded to the accusations tweeting, "the guy on that weed picture ISN'T me!! I SWEAR! @Justinbieber please tell them the truth. I'm a belieber! so if it was me...why would i do this to justin? THINK!!?? i don't smoke."

Regardless of whether or not it's actually Bieber holding what looks to be a blunt in that picture, Justin gave SNL the OK to rib on him for the weed smoking pics when he hosts the show.