Brooklyn concert promoter Lou Galluch is claiming that rapper Cam'ron stiffed him for $7,000 after he was booked to perform at a New Year's Eve show, but never appeared. Galluch went through Cam'ron's DJ, Moe Sticky, to finish up the deal, which he says went awry.

"So I meet [Moe Sticky] that next day [Sunday], and I said, 'Bring the signed contracts and I'll give you the money,'" Galluch told the Village Voice. "He shows up with no contracts, and I have the money. This is the day before New Year's, everything is happening. Promotion has gone out, pre-sales are coming in...and they show up with no contracts...[my original contact says,] 'Yeah, [Cam'ron]'s gonna show, give [Moe] the money.'"

Galluch initially paid a $3,000 deposit for Cam to take the stage at 3 a.m., but paid an extra $2,000 when he asked Cam to show up at 4:30 a.m. when the club would have more people. When the time rolled around for Cam to take the stage, Galluch claims they all left with the money and without performing.

Moe Sticky claims that they were supposed to be paid prior to the show, but when that didn't happen they left the venue.