Pete Rock recently sat down with Gasface Media for an interview and kicked the usual knowledge we've come to expect from the legend. He talked about helping Kanye make beats, and his love for the late J Dilla.

"Kanye reached out to me, I came out to Hawaii. I worked on like eight beats. Out of the eight, we narrowed it down to one," said Pete Rock. "Helped him out on a couple of other beats, and that's it. We did that song. It's a Curtis Mayfield sample that I used to listen to growing up as a kid. My father used to play the song and stuff. I remember it from then."

Rock went on to gush over the late virtuoso J Dilla. "He used to blow me away with his beats. I became a fan instantly," Pete told Gasface. "I've seen him make beats for D'Angelo in the studio, I've seen him make beats at home, I've hung around him for a whole week straight."