A Chicago rapper on the come up was shot to death in the Garfield Park neighborhood of Chicago on Wednesday.

The Chicago Tribune reported rapper Johnny Boy Da Prince, whose real name was Johnny Taylor, was shot several times and left for dead in an alley. His manager, Dillard Florence, said that he was taken to the hospital to undergo surgery and was expected to recover, but the injuries ended up being fatal.

Florence believes the shooting to be a case of "mistaken identity" and that Johnny had ironically just finished a song called "Just Like You" about senseless killings.

Johnny had piqued the interest of several record labels including Epic and Universal, and even had a meeting lined up in New York with Atlantic Records. Andrew Fechter, an assistant at Atlantic, said that Johnny was considered a "prospect".

"I see a lot of emails," Fechter said. "I listened to it, I liked what I heard, I asked for more. I played it at a meeting and everyone liked it. We were working on a meeting, bringing him in. Get him to meet everyone before a decision is made."

"He was definitely talented," Fechter added. "I personally believe he had a bright future in the music business. He definitely would have had a career."

Taylor's murder is just the latest in a string of homicides that have been plaguing the Chicago hip hop scene.

Source: allhiphop.com