As we reported earlier, Big Fendi, creator of "Come Up DVD" and former manager of Nicki Minaj, got into a brawl with Sub 0 at a store in Harlem. The footage of the fight doesn't make clear why it started in the first place, but now Big Fendi explains how it all went down.

"I got my hands in my jacket, the n**ga just swings a sucka punch," Fendi says. He then goes on to explain how Sub 0 edited the footage to make it look like he came out victorious in the altercation.

"So this bum as* n**ga went and slow-moed the footage, and took out the part where I had him on the glass, beatin' him down."

Fendi then calls out Sub 0 -- "How you edit the as* whoopin? N**gas know, if you get into a fight, win lose or draw, you never go edit the as* whoopin."