Chris Rainey, running back for the Pittsburgh Steelers, was arrested on Thursday morning in Gainesville, FL for allegedly slapping his girlfriend in the face. According to a police report obtained by TMZ, Rainey and his girlfriend were arguing over a cell phone when he pulled her out of the car and they both fell to the ground.

A witness reportedly called 911 after claiming they saw Rainey attack his girlfriend after she took his phone and tried to lock herself in his roommate's car. After dragging her out of the car, Rainey allegedly slapped her in the face, but the woman took off running with his phone in her purse.

Rainey then allegedly chased after the woman and grabbed her purse, which caused them both to fall again. Police revealed that neither Rainey nor his girlfriend were hurt during the incident.

Rainey has been charged with one count of simple battery - a misdemeanor - and is currently in custody.

Source: TMZ