Deion Sanders' wallet has been hit hard due to his divorce from Pilar Sanders, as the former football superstar revealed his current financial situation in court on Wednesday. Deion appeared in court to petition custody of all three of his children and reduce child support payments to Pilar.

The former NFL great sat in a Dallas courtroom and revealed, "My income has gone down tremendously." At the beginning of his messy divorce, Deion was knocked down from full-time commentator of the NFL Network to contracted employee, reducing his paycheck by $800,000.

He is now surviving on savings -- funds which have been depleted since the divorce began, and to make matters worse Pilar is claiming that Deion abused her, which led to sponsors like GMC and Van Heusen dropping him. Deion testified in court, saying "I can't afford this mess."

Sanders spoke about the backlash he's suffered after Pilar's claims, saying "It damages when someone's lying, especially about spousal abuse."

Source: Rumor Fix