TMZ caught up with comedian Marlon Wayans in Midtown Manhattan and asked him who he thinks would win in a fight between Carmelo Anthony and Kevin Garnett. In Wayans' eyes, the winner would be Garnett -- all because of his extremely long arms.

"Kevin's a little skinny, but he got reach. Like, Kevin could stand at the end of half court, like bop! Bop! Just keep 'Melo in a jab," Wayans said, while pretending to throw a couple of punches.

However, Wayans couldn't give KG the victory without getting in a jab of his own. "But see, he's also half Somalian. I've never seen a black man that skinny without flies around him."

Despite Garnett's diminutive frame, Wayans still favors him overall in a fight against Anthony. "Kevin got arms like Dhalsim from Street Fighter, you know, the Indian dude?"

Who do you think would win the fight?