Queen Of The Ring is on a steady rise in the battle community and has come a long way since its beginnings, and 2012 QOTR provided loads of classic battles for fans to enjoy.  The battle community even saw Smack/URL show major love to QOTR by hosting Jaz The Rapper vs QB on their Revelations battle card, and it was an instant classic.  Many battles have taken place throughout the year, including sparring sessions as well as main events that have all helped to elevate the league, and QOTR closed off 2012 with an incredible battle between Dot Mob's Chayna Ashley and Murda Ave's Ms. Fit.

Check out our Top 20 2012 Queen Of The Ring Battles list, and if you have any feedback regarding the order of the list, or believe we omitted an important battle, please feel free to comment.  Also, any battles on this list that took place prior to 2012 but weren't released to the public until 2012 are still eligible to be considered a 2012 battle.